[AD] Review: Himalayas Nourishing Cream, my new must-have product!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recently I've been obsessing with this new cream i started using - Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream!

It's a moisturizer that can be used on your face as a nourishing + hydrating makeup base to your body no matter if you have normal skin type or dry and scaly skin!

Using it under my makeup here when i went for nadnut's bridesmaids staycation last week, makeup lasted all day considering we took a dip in the pool and all haha

I heard that Koreans go crazy stocking this product up whenever they visit Singapore because it's such a great product + it's much cheaper in Singapore (pretty much my 1st time hearing that anything in Singapore is cheaper than elsewhere, what a shocker! haha).

I've only ever tried one other product from Himalayas which is the Neem face pack, which is this totally awesome deep cleansing masque that i use in the shower at least once a week!

Really curious about why is this one of their signature product and how come all the Koreans are such huge fans of this cream and BOY! AM I GLAD I TRIED IT!

At first when i opened the tub and i thought whoa it really looks pretty heavy and thought to myself if it will be too greasy? Because I'm quite used to body lotions that are of a cream/gel texture that are absorbed into the skin quickly because I'm too lazy to rub the lotion in normally.

But when i dipped my finger into this cream i realized it felt surprisingly "fluffy" and quite light in fact!

Brought the smaller tub of this cream for the staycation so i can use it as a night cream / makeup base / body cream so i can pack lesser product! So troublesome right, girls always need to pack so much barang barangs for even a quick staycation over the weekend. hehe

This Nourishing Cream has 2 key herbal ingredient, Aloe Vera + Winter Cherry.

We all know Aloe Vera is a great active ingredient for hydration while Winter Cherry is a great anti-oxidant thus skin is protected from day to night! 

I think the thing i like the most about Himalayas is that it's a 80+ years family owned brand, and they actually grow their own herbs (pesticide-free!) and all the herbal ingredients are easily controlled by them because the entire process from seeding the herbs to extracting the goodness from the herbals to creating this tub of cream!

So fluffy, i love it because it's so hydrating and my skin drinks this up so quickly and leave zero sticky eeky feeling and feels too smooooooth after that the entire day, when i just started using this cream the 1st few days i simply cannot stop touching my leg! (HAHA I KNOW I KNOW..)

But it is SO SMOOTH! Smooth to the point i keep using my calf to rub over my other calf because it feels so nice. 

My leg has always felt dry and almost have that scale-y texture most of the time cos I'm quite picky of the lotion i use on my leg cos i cant stand the sticky feeling (i mean, who does right?) but because this absorbs so quickly and the effect is so awesome, i feel excited to use this product after i shower everyday because i know for sure after that my skin will feel so silky smooooooth! (:

I wished i had found this product earlier thou!
Then i could have brought this cream to the colder trips I've been on so i won't have to suffer from crazy dry skin from all the cold and wind. You know how you will feel itchy when your skin is too dry? I remembered how dry my skin was during my aussie trip:

Because it was our last day at Bondi Beach, so we really wanted to spend the day just relaxing at the beach before we head over to Gold Coast, but it just wasn't the best time to laze around on the beach in the dead of winter hahahah, I remember how cold and crazy windy it was, and even though I'm wrapped up in layers and layers at the end of the day my skin was so dry and itchy!

I remembered i did pack some body creams along because i know it would be cold and dry but i guess it wasn't all that hydrating since i was totally scratching my skin off from the dryness!

...wished i had the Himalayas Nourishing Cream for the Taiwan trip when it snowed like crazy unexpectedly at He Huan Shan too and it was so so so miserably cold!

Himalayas Nourishing Cream retails at $5.30 for 50ml and $12.90 for 150ml and is available at Watsons, John Little, OG.

Now now, i betcha really want to try it out too right? It's really a great product and it's now one of my must- have products, i have a mini tub at work, a 150ml tub at Leon's place and another at home so i always have access to it! hehe


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